Luke Robinson

Luke completed his B.S. in Structural Engineering with an emphasis in Civil/Seismic Design in June of 2011 from UC San Diego. During his undergraduate academic career he was active in student organizations where as a member of The Society of Civil and Structural Engineers he had the privilege of being co-project manager of the student steel bridge project as well as captain of the land survey team. Luke was also was a member of Tau Beta Pi, UCSD’s engineering honor society, where he volunteered his free time participating in the Florence Elementary outreach program teaching young student the importance of math and science. After earning his degree he spent a summer working for a structural design firm as a structural engineering intern where he assisted project managers in completing needed hand calculations, plan checks, and drawing markups. His final project was designing a single story light gauge steel structure. Luke was awarded a fellowship with Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2011 and is currently pursuing his M.S in Structural Engineering with a Specialization in Structural Health Monitoring. His research is centered on condition based monitoring of rotating machines, a nonintrusive predictive based maintenance method used for monitor machine health while in operation. In addition to investigating and attempting to improve upon traditional CBM damage feature detectability and classification, Luke is developing a CBM module for the SHMTools/mFUSE MATLAB package developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory/UC San Diego Engineering Institute (LANL SHMTools). Luke is expected to graduate summer quarter 2013. ).

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