David Mascarenas

David Mascarenas received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. While at CSU David was extensively involved with the FSAE program. In 2003 he participated in the Los Alamos National Labs Dynamic Summer School. In 2006 David completed a master’s degree at the University of California San Diego in the structural engineering department. His thesis was concerned with developing low-power wireless sensor nodes for obtaining high-frequency impedance measurements. David continued on to complete the PhD in structural engineering at UCSD in 2008. His dissertation involved developing wireless sensor networks using helicopters as mobile hosts to wirelessly deliver energy to low-energy peak displacement sensors. This work culminated in a field demonstration of the complete system on the Alamosa Canyon Bridge in southern New Mexico in 2007. Since graduation David has worked in the robotics health monitoring field. He is also working on a project to measure the loads and deflections experienced by surfboards.

Ph.D. Dissertation: The use of the “Mobile Host” wireless sensor network paradigm for structural health monitoring applications.

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